How does pre-sale work?

Pre-sale allows you to pre-order our next box during a specific period of time as there is only a limited number of boxes available each time a new box comes out. Pre-sales are firstly available to our VIP mailing list subscribers and then to everyone else. Special promotions may also be available during the pre-sale period. If you order during the pre-sale period, your box will be delivered to you right after pre-sale has ended.

What if i want to order MommyBox as a gift for a friend but i want it delivered asap?

If the pre-sale period has ended, and our boxes are still in stock, you can order one and this will be delivered to the address you specify in the following days.

Can i add a personal note when buying your box as a gift?

Of course! During the checkout process you will find a Personalisation Note field where you can add your message! We will add this message on a printed card and insert it to the box.