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Every pregnancy counts, every child matters

This week we honour all the little souls who have returned to heaven before completing their journey on earth. Baby Loss Awareness Week aims to break the silence, to break any taboo that these babies do not matter. Every pregnancy matters even if it is not completed as expected.

We all try to comfort mothers who have lost a baby. We try to find the right words, to say anything that will make life more bearable, more manageable.. But is is never easy. When you are hurting inside, everything hurts, even the most comforting words. You feel like no one and nothing will make this pain go away, nothing will change the fact that you will not be holding a healthy baby.

So this week lets all light a candle for all the little angels and their mommies who are strong enough to be bearing such an unbearable situation.

Birth Forward in Cyprus is organising a pregnancy loss support group. If you are having a hard time dealing with the loss of a baby, make sure to seek support, contact a friend or seek medical advice. You are strong but you are not alone!


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