Natural birth: a powerful right for every woman

It was a wonderful evening last night at the Cine Studio, where the last screening of the BirthDays documentary took place in Nicosia. A room full of expecting couples, young mothers and healthcare practitioners.

The documentary, directed by the talented Danae Stylianou, was a true masterpiece. With just a video camera at hand, she managed to capture the miraculous event of welcoming a baby into this world. Powerful moments that brought the audience to tears.

For me it was a reminder of that exact moment your baby is placed on to your chest, the feeling of relief and the overflowing  of love. It brought back all the emotions experienced during pregnancy and birth. The fear of the unknown, the anxiety, the self-doubt.

Natural birth can be an emotional, liberating and empowering experience. It allows women to overcome their fears, to trust their bodies and trust in nature that everything will work as intended.

But in order to do this, women need to feel confidence. Confidence that they will have by their side experienced midwives, responsible and well-educated doctors and a system that will provide proper education to pregnant couples on what to expect during labor, how to use breathing techniques correctly and how exclusive breastfeeding can be achieved. And of course to feel the confidence that their rights will be respected.

Congratulations to the team of Birth Days Documentary and to everyone who participated in this film as well as to Birth Forward for their passionate work on educating couples on making informed decisions for the birth of their children.

To all expecting mommies out there, trust your self and your body. You are strong and powerful and you were designed to bring life into this world. Trust in nature and prepare yourself for the wonderful journey to motherhood.





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