My journey to a more natural lifestyle

My journey to a more natural path begun almost 7 years ago when me and my partner were trying to have a baby.

Being on contraceptives for more than a decade to regulate my periods and all the symptoms accompanied by the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), i naturally thought of going to my obstetrician and see what the situation was and if i could finally stop taking the pills in order to become pregnant. He assured me that i would be pregnant in no time (as he did so many times before when i had asked about being able to conceive..). So i stopped taking the pills and i felt confident that my body will do the rest. One month later, two months later, 6 months later my period was still nowhere to be found.

So we went back to the doctor’s office. Apparently my hormone imbalance did not allow for my ovaries to develop an egg properly and so i never had ovulation and thus no menstruation. So the doctor advised that we start with hormone pills to develop the eggs. But still nothing happened. Somehow my body was refusing all the hormones. It could not work properly. I was getting frustrated and anxious and the hormones were making me irritable and emotional. We tried a few times with the pills and then went on to hormone injections. Still, every month was a disappointment and heartbreak.  It was getting harder for me to cope with the hormones that i started getting depressed. I could not understand why this was happening to me and i did not know what to do to help myself.

Desperate to find a way to conceive we changed our doctor to someone more experienced with infertility issues. He was very understanding and kind and he listened to us and after a long time made us feel like our feelings mattered. We proceeded with a combination of folic acid, hormone pills and injections to help my ovaries develop an egg, which they did,  but all the pressure, the stress and anxiety could still not help me conceive.

We were just a step away from doing IVF when i decided enough was enough. I decided that this was not the way i wanted to conceive my baby. I wanted it to be intimate and personal and as nature intended. Not in a clinic, not with artificial hormones, not with injections.

So i begun a quest to find the best possible way to become pregnant naturally. I felt it in my heart that there was a way to solve this problem. I began talking to people. Friends, family, anyone who might be able to help me find my way. And they did.

I was introduced to a wonderful doctor and holistic practitioner who changed my life. I was tested for food allergies and intolerance, for nutrient deficiencies and we examined every aspect of my health and diet right up to that point. He suggested i get a detox to clean my body from all the toxins built up from the artificial hormones and i started taking supplements. I eliminated from my diet most of the processed food i was consuming and removed completely sugar and cow’s milk. I became mindful of what i was putting in my body. I reinvented my diet and myself. It was a very challenging period but i was willing to risk it all in order to be able to start menstruating and conceive naturally.

After 3 months of changing my diet one step at a time, i got my period. Naturally. I was amazed. I could not remember the last time i menstruated naturally… This helped me relax, believe in myself and in my body and have faith in nature. And my miracle happened!

I had a wonderful first pregnancy. I continued with my changed diet and it became a new lifestyle. I had to be mindful not just for me now but for my baby as well. A year and a half after having my first baby, i naturally conceived my second baby. I now have regular menstrual cycles and i can pinpoint exactly when i am ovulating as i now have and understand the symptoms of ovulation.

Looking back to my journey, i can now reflect and see clearly how everything that happened, happened for a reason. I am grateful for everyone who where part of this journey. I am thankful to the universe for giving me what i wanted most!

So this is why i believe in a more natural way of life. Be more mindful of what you consume as this will reflect in your health. I understand that it is not easy for everyone to lift infertility issues and conceive naturally. But my story is proof that it is possible. And i wish this to every couple facing issues. Trust your instincts and your body. And trust that your journey will lead you where you want to be. Just believe!

If you want to talk about any issues you are facing, i will be glad to listen. Let me know in the comments. Sharing your story can be liberating!

Love and kisses


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