MOM upside down spells WOW

“Go on and spoil yourself! You are making a human, you are a supermom, you deserve it!”

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Our History

What MommyBox is all about.

As mothers ourselves we know how important it is to care for your body during pregnancy and after giving birth. And it is equally important to use products that are as natural and organic as possible.

Pregnancy and birth have a “rollercoaster” effect on our bodies and it takes up to 1 year for our bodies to get back in shape after giving birth. Hormonal imbalance affects our psychology and even causes depression to a great percent of new mothers. The changes in our lives and to our routine can make us feel stressed and anxious.

So it is important to care both for our body and our soul, to remain positive and have a good support system by doctors, friends and family.

It is also quite important to feel loved and pampered. That is why we created MommyBox. The 1st subscription box in Cyprus dedicated to new and expecting mommies. A special box filled with carefully curated natural and organic products for both mommies and babies to make you feel special and pampered.

You can subscribe to receive MommyBox once or subscribe for 3 or 6 months.

Est. 2018

Our Story

Our story begins in 2016. After giving birth to my second daughter with a gap of 2 1/2 years from the first, i started becoming depressed and experiencing burn out from sleep deprivation.

Going back to work 6 months postpartum was even more difficult than i thought. I constantly felt guilty of being away from my babies and always feeling i was not doing enough. While becoming a mother was a blessing, i felt that i had lost myself. I knew i was not alone.

So in 2018 i decided to create MommyBox, as a way to connect with other new moms that were feeling the same and express the need for new moms to take care of themselves, both mentally and physically.

Our boxes are now offered as gifts from friends, partners, family members that want to show their love and appreciation to all those little things that moms are doing and are not going unnoticed.

Our Future

Continuous growth

We want to establish MommyBox as a key gift service for pregnancy and postpartum in Cyprus and abroad as well as operating as an e-commerce store, offering quality products made from pure ingredients.

Core Values

MommyBox Cyprus chooses brands and products carefully to reflect our core values which are aligned to helping women have a healthier, chemical-free lifestyle. All products chosen for our boxes and eshop are natural, cruelty-free, eco-friendly & organic and support local businesses & women entrepreneurship.

Made in Cyprus

We try to collaborate with Cypriot brands which create natural and organic beauty products and other handmade items suitable for mothers and babies.

Hand Made

Our box includes products that are made by hand and made with love.


We curate products that are made using organic materials, meaning the raw materials for the product were grown and produced without the use of non-organic pesticides or herbicides.


We make sure none of the products included in our boxes or eshop are tested on animals.


We try to use recycled and recyclable materials for the preparation of our box.


We choose products made from non-toxic ingredients and materials.