Happy Mommy = Happy Baby

If you are a first time mommy you will surely know how difficult it is to handle all those new emotions without panicking. If you have more than one children you will surely understand how difficult it is to handle 2 or more children who might be arguing or simultaneously crying, asking to pick them up, to hug them, to carry them.. Sometimes it is just too much to handle. Motherhood is not easy. There are times you feel like you are doing something wrong, you want some time to yourself to breathe, to gather your thoughts in order to be the best mommy you can be! And it is understandable. We have all been through situations like these. You are not alone.

Birth Forward in association with the Center of Systemic Consulting, are organising on December 8th in Nicosia, the first monthly Mothers Support and Empowerment Group “The journey to Motherhood”. The support group aims to allow every mommy to express her own experience on the journey of motherhood, to express her feelings and to understand that she is not alone, to be surrounded with safety, positiveness and confidence in order to continue her journey to motherhood calmly for the sake of her family and to receive valuable information and knowledge from health practitioners.

The group will meet once a month and will be coordinated by a professional phycologist and supported by a professional midwife. For more information visit the Journey to Motherhood Support group event page on Facebook

If you are having trouble with your emotions, if you feel like you want to share what you are going through and would like support, register to the event!



Oh my dear sleep

There are certain things about giving birth that no one prepares you about. Things like going home with diapers yourself and blood flow that can last up to a month, how big your breasts get by the 3rd day of having your baby due to the increasing milk supply, having the baby attached to your breasts 24/7 with barely getting any sleep and everything and everyone seems to be making you emotional.

Of course all of the above are normal considering what you have experienced through birth (everyone has a unique experience) and things should start looking better after the first couple of weeks when both you and the baby have settled to the new routine of your new life together.

But one of the most important things you will miss and desperately need is sleep. I never appreciated sleep and its importance as much as i did after having children. And if you are breastfeeding and this is your first baby, the nights will definitely seem longer and you will get stressed about why your baby is not sleeping through the night, if it is normal, if they are getting enough milk. And sleep deprivation is not helping. On the contrary it makes things seem worse.

But REMEMBER, this is all just temporary. It is just a phase you need to get through and you will get through it. Remember that so many new mommies out there are going what you are going through. And their babies are developing well and eventually will sleep through the night and you will be able to get a “full” night’s sleep. And i say “full” as i think mothers never sleep the way they did before, once they have children.

But time is short and soon all the sleepless nights will be forgotten. So make sure you get a lot of cuddles and kisses and skin to skin with your little ones because these are the things you want to remember.

And take care of your self. Take a walk with your baby in the fresh air, enjoy a cup of tea, invite some friends over for support, breath deeply, do whatever makes you feel better. And of course rest whenever your baby is sleeping!

Take care.


Every pregnancy counts, every child matters

This week we honour all the little souls who have returned to heaven before completing their journey on earth. Baby Loss Awareness Week aims to break the silence, to break any taboo that these babies do not matter. Every pregnancy matters even if it is not completed as expected.

We all try to comfort mothers who have lost a baby. We try to find the right words, to say anything that will make life more bearable, more manageable.. But is is never easy. When you are hurting inside, everything hurts, even the most comforting words. You feel like no one and nothing will make this pain go away, nothing will change the fact that you will not be holding a healthy baby.

So this week lets all light a candle for all the little angels and their mommies who are strong enough to be bearing such an unbearable situation.

Birth Forward in Cyprus is organising a pregnancy loss support group. If you are having a hard time dealing with the loss of a baby, make sure to seek support, contact a friend or seek medical advice. You are strong but you are not alone!