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  • Marie Mint teething necklaceMarie Mint teething necklace

    Because before being mothers we are women, the “Le Marie” teething necklace combines femininity, elegance and softness thanks to its pastel colors.

    Super feminine teething necklace that creates a bond between mom and baby. This jewel will find its place around mum’s neck and will be ideal when breastfeeding and/or babywearing. Baby will be busy pulling, playing or putting pearls in his mouth and will (finally!) leave behind your glasses, hair and earrings.

    A jewel assembled by hand, safe for babies that will please mum AND baby!

    To offer as a birth gift, for a babyshower, for Mother’s Day or just to please! (because there is not always a need for a special occasion)

  • Tea Lovers gift box - Mom EditionTea lover gift box close up

    A wonderful gift box for a new Mama who also loves tea!

    Our Tea Lover gift box includes:

    • Mama engraved mug,
    • Your choice of tea,
    • Heart-shaped tea tongs
    • Heart cookie cutter.
  • Breastfeeding Mama gift boxBreastfeeding Mama gift box

    A wonderful gift box for a new Mama who is embracing the journey of breastfeeding. Support her and her difficult yet beautiful mission with our curated gift box.

    Our Breastfeeding Mama gift box includes:

    • Milky Mama herbal tea
    • Mama engraved stoneware mug
    • Nipple cream with beeswax
  • Teething and breastfeeding silicone necklaceTeething and breastfeeding silicone necklace

    You don’t need to stop wearing necklaces just because you gave birth! This beautiful teething necklace is perfect for little hands to grasp and chew on. Ideal for when breastfeeding as baby can keep its hands occupied.

    Comes in the cutest colour and is made of food-grade silicone.

  • 8.00

    The Nursing mama nipple balm is made with calendula and chamomile. This nursing balm is gentle yet effective. Beeswax is healing, soothing and seals in moisture while chamomile infused olive oil is gentle enough,  you don’t even need to wash it off before latching the baby on.