Pregnancy necklace with rose quartz


This beautiful necklace symbolizes the pregnancy journey. Featuring an engraving of a pregnant woman with a hear on her belly which represents the baby.

Stainless steel and hypoallergenic necklace with two facet cut rose quartz stones.

Rose quartz symbolizes:
– the stone of love
– helps you to love yourself and others. And not only romantic, but also love for friends and family and spiritual love
– helps you to receive love and to give love
– the stone attracts love, helps you accept yourself and reduces loneliness
– has a calming effect on sadness (also for crying babies) and traumas
– has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels, high blood pressure, burns, chest, lungs, fertility problems, apathy, dizziness, confusion, forgetfulness, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and stress-related complaints and disorders (such as overstrain or burnout).
– Also a beautiful stone for babies and children.

Necklace length: 42 cm + extra length

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