READY MAMA Birth Herbal Tea


Ilado Ready Mama herbal tea has been specially formulated to support expectant mothers in their preparation for childbirth from the last month of pregnancy.

This herbal tea was developed to prepare your body for the approach of childbirth.

It is recommended to drink it every day, in the last month before the arrival of your baby.

It contains raspberry leaves, traditionally used to prepare the uterus for effective contractions on D-day.

They are associated with lemon balm and lavender, which soothe anxiety and promote restful sleep.

This infusion with a gentle floral note will be your ally until you meet your baby!

– 100% natural herbal tea
– No sugar or artificial flavor
– Hand-assembled in France
– Net weight: 60 grams (i.e. 30 cups)

Composition: Raspberry*, Lemon Balm*, Lavender*, Rose*
*Ingredients from organic farming

Made in France

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